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US Laboratory​

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US Laboratory​
US Laboratory​

What we did?

  • Built from scratch​
  • More than 300 B2B customers onboarded in a month time​
  • Automated Laboratory process​
  • Scaled to handle demand during Covid Spike​


Improved Profitability​

  • Reduced man powers
  • Reduced Redundant activities
  • Shared the results with the users instantly

Competitive Advantage​

  • By enabling everything online
  • Onboarded organization level  (Company, Facility, Physicians)
  • When everyone struggle to share the report, this lab shares instantly

Lower CAPX & OPEX​

  • Reduced Subscription cost
  • Reduced manpower to process the reports

Business Continuity​

  • Hosted in Cloud
  • Availability and Scalability enabled
  • Scaled up to 10,000 tests every month

Customer Engagement​

  • Enrolled Physicians, Clinics, and Institutions
  • Given access to them to view their orders and reports

Informed Decisions​

  • Tracking Pending Orders
  • Tracking order types
  • Tracking of age of orders