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India’s Retail Chain

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India’s Retail Chain
India’s Retail Chain

What we did?

  • Identified Process Gaps​
  • Prepared the blueprint of entire process​
  • Enabled the technology mapping​
  • Identified technology shortcomings​


Improve Profitability​

  • Tracking at item level to reduce wastage
  • Reduced vendor cost by shortlisting right vendor

Competitive Advantage​

  • Analysis of Materials
  • Analysis of sales at item and brand level

Lower OPEX​

  • Integrated procurement with ERP
  • Introduced centralized warehouse

Business Continuity​

  • Hosted in Cloud
  • Availability and Scalability enabled
  • Enabled offline availability

Customer Engagement​

  • Recommended for customer app

Informed Decisions​

  • Integrating end to end systems
  • Identified Non-Availability of Data
  • Realtime Production Monitoring and Controls