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Business Analytics

Make informed decisions

Data is created across every move, touch and click. Analytics plays a vital and complicated role in making sense of that data. Our analytics engine gives you a clear picture of your entire business and make informed, strategic decisions by managing dashboards, analytics and reporting across departments in real-time.

Arivelm strives consistently in delivering the services and platform to simplify big data analytics. ​

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Track, Predict, Forecast and Prescribe

Generate real-time insights from big data, structured and unstructured data through its user-friendly interface. We can greatly bring down the need for additional investment. User can arrange, splice, dice, mix and match data, apply conditions, calculations on the data and then present the findings through interactive graphs and charts.

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Our vision is to make ‘Arivelm’ a common name for Big data Analytics, across the globe with our excellent quality, out of the box solution and a great service at a reasonable cost.

Our awesome analytics offerings



Benchmark the cost of goods to track of inventory, overheads and human resource planning. Track your parts, components, and products for better dispatch and logistics plan.



Business analytics help you close the leakages and help you to track and control your inventory, manage your supply chain management, do the procurement analysis.



Chatbots are helping physicians and saving more valuable time by doing the pre-diagnosis questionnaire. Analytics helps you to understand your patients and the environmental impact of your patients and diseases.