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Business resilience is your destiny. Digitalization helps you gets you there. We are moving towards a new global normal. Service vendors and providers need business resilient frameworks now than ever before. Our team is committed to providing you this edge to maintain a “business-as-usual” approach.

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Digitalize Your Business Digitalize Your Business
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Empowering Industries Digitally in a Smarter Way

Connect the users with the technology. This is a new market trend to make things workout on a long run to satisfy customers by implementing marketing technology and data analytics.

What we do?

- Solution Design and Implementation

- Application Modernization

- Process Automation

- Data Management and Business Analytics

- Cloud

- Internet of Things(IoT)

Kick start your Digital Experience

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Delivering wide range of industries and sectors



Helps you achieve a complete digital transformation with recent technology.



Helps you build a fortune from your traditional way of business to the new era, digital transformation.



Helps you build hassle free analytical and customer insights with an enhanced digital solutions.



Helps you to unlock the digital transformation experience with Artificial Intelligence on the fly.



Helps you to foresee and overcome the digital risks and perform respective measures to stay ahead.



Helps you to create a right security solutions to your customers with latest digitally transformed techniques.



What Clients Say About Us

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Helping your business to reach its potential through techonologies

To make businesses technology-aware and utilize its power

“... We don’t talk a lot about design around here, we just talk about how things work. Most people think it’s about how they look, but it’s about how they work” - Steve Jobs


Arivelm is a group of solution and technology experts, serving businesses across globe, since 2016

Our Mission

Building group of experts who understand business and technology and create solutions that are the perfect intersection of both.

Our Vision

To make businesses technology-centric and utilize its power.

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