Decydz helps the travel industry turn customer data into customer insight and actions that provide a better service and better travel products. 

Refine Travel experience with Decydz

Tourism is a great crowd puller, with many travel firms offering discounts and tour packages, tourism and hospitality are two industries that are hand in hand.

The data generated by these transactions are also not so far off. With many companies now eyeing market share, competition is inherent. So, how do you differentiate in an already crowded marketplace?

The answer is real-time data analysis. When you have an end-to-end platform for data analysis, you have a complete ecosystem to view and make inferences of your data 24/7. Better-informed people make better-informed decisions. 

Decydz gives you real-time data access

Real-time data need is the first preference for the travel industry and other such industries in the service sector. Analyzing the current needs of customers and accommodating their future needs is the key to customer success. With Decydz, you can ingress current data available from multiple sources and gather inferences from it in seconds. Offer customized deals to customers/passengers based on the travel history.

The Perfect tool to understand competition

Customize and promote packages/deals/offers by adapting to changing customer trends

Read your business from an intuitive dashboard

Decydz lets executives interpret their daily business and predict it for the future through an intuitive dashboard. In a few clicks, transform your data to colorful graphs and charts and share the dashboard with your partners and stakeholders around the world.