Decydz helps the retail's industry enrich end-customer experiences by analyzing feedback, usage, and patterns received.

Enhance Sales with Decydz

Due to global competition and overflow of data, retail and wholesale industries are stepping up their efforts towards to accomplish predictive analytics. Decydz is for retailers to understand through an intuitive dashboard that's available 24/7.

Predictive Management from real time dashboard

Decydz BI lets you understand the complete lifecycle of a product from goods acquisition to sales. Recognize where the inventory resides and their volume. Get a complete track of the inventory.

Decydz helps you understand your vendors better

Explore your vendor's competitive advantages using Decydz's real-time data analytics. Let Decydz give you deep dive reports about all your vendor's performance. Analyze their efficiency across multiple levels.

Analyze customers through location-based data

Analyze and forecast the market based on the location. Reveal location-based customer retention and acquisition with Decydz. Evaluate customers into groups by analyzing changing customer’s trends. Plan and manage the staff efficiency.