Decydz empowers business users to create live, auto-refreshing dashboards and interactive charts
to explore and drill down data without IT dependency.


Decydz, an end-to-end analytics platform analyzes big data, structured or unstructured and generates real-time results through its user-friendly interface. An end-to-end data platform can greatly bring down the need for additional investment and let the end-user take direct control of their data. The platform also allows the user to arrange, splice, dice, mix and match data, apply conditions, calculations on the data and then present the findings through graphs and charts.


With Decydz, traditional and conventional methods for data analysis is history. Decydz is a free business platform giving full freedom to non-techies to derive business decisions from data. With a simple workflow, Decydz gets you started immediately. There is no learning curve to use the platform. Decydz also backs up as an efficient business intelligence (BI) tool. Decydz BI puts an end to developer dependency. No coding knowledge is required to work with Decydz.


Decydz takes an agnostic approach to databases and can connect with most popular databases/formats around while its metadata management gives you additional information about your data; helpful when you don’t have clarity on your data sources. Decydz will be extremely beneficial to data scientists, business analysts by providing efficient ways for creating data modeling. It allows business executive teams and data analysts to monitor the performance of various departments in their organization. Real-time visualizations give you data insights that can be used for making decisions.


The workflow in Decydz revolves around your data. Decydz has 4 steps. The process starts with data sources, data modeling, widget creation and finally the dashboard. That’s all there is to getting started on Decydz. The dashboard can be shared among stakeholders. Decydz is hosted on the Cloud and is also available as a local installation. And it’s available for all devices and operating systems.

The perfect companion for business users

Connect Data

Integrate your disparate data, from multiple data sources in minutes.

Create Model

Build models over your data with basic aggregation functions.


Create live, interactive, real-time, auto- refreshing dashboards by yourself effortlessly.

Embed or Share

Export the insights as Excel, PDF format & Access from any device.

Update your data wherever you go.With Decydz you can access data & visualize insights on any device in real time.
As a picture is worth a thousand words, so is interactive visualization. With Interactive visualization, users can interact with the data to find the metrics that matter the most and drill down into charts and graphs for more detail
A data agnostic platform to pull data from any data source, model it and give you results instantly!.
Centralize your data and create interactive dashboards yourself, pinpoint the areas that need improvement then share it across the organization to take better and faster decisions at the right time.
Unravel new insights from your data and get answers to your business questions "why & what's next" and out perform your competitive peers.
Deploy Decydz Cloud with managed services that requires no IT resources(CLOUD). Deploy Decydz Enterprise to run on your own systems or your choice of cloud platform(ON-PREMISE).
Decydz BI is packed with workflow, data integration, and visualization. Create and share reports across your organization in seconds.