Decydz helps organizations with workforce analytics outperform and achieve a competitive advantage and helps them deliver a world-class experience. 

Enhance Workplace relationship with Decydz

HR functions across every organization stand to benefit from the vast amount of inference possibilities decydz can support. This enables HR to function without any slip-ups.

Decydz supports progressive planning

With data from your organization, Decydz improvises progressive planning and analytics. Decydz provides:

  • Maintaining employee profiles by age, year of experience, salary, gender etc.
  • Improve and monitor productivity trends.
  • Payroll management and forecasting of the associates.
  • Analyze industry competition.
  • Future candidate screening.
  • Hiring prospective associates.
  • Enhance recruitment process.
  • Reduce unnecessary operational costs.

Decydz predicts root causes for Employee attrition

Analyzing the root causes for the employee attrition /turnover is much important. Due to attrition business process might get affected. With Decydz calculate the higher risk of attrition by analyzing the reason given by the employee. Decydz helps HR understand the reason behind employee attrition by analyzing employee feedback, activities etc. The analysis builds a pattern that HR can analyze and get a solution to address it. It also allows them to discover early warning signs and take corrective action.