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Everything you really need to know about -  Decydz, Data Analytics Platform

What is decydz all about?

Decydz is a self-service business intelligence platform made especially for business users. The main crux of using Decydz is that you don't need any IT services or additional support of any form. This means you no longer need to wait for specialized technical resources or platform integration or support. Decydz is simple enough that you can master it yourself. 

How will decydz BI help my business?

Decydz helps you to achieve the following:

  • Big data analytics
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Complex data management
  • Enterprise reporting
  • In-time decision-making
  • Increased revenue
  • Market analysis

Is decydz an on-premises or cloud solution?

Decydz is available as both on-premises and cloud solutions.

What is the training provided to work with decydz?

There is no real learning curve for decydz. Arivelm provides both online and face-to-face training sessions with help documentation and product demos. We can also arrange for a customized training session if needed.  

Is my data secure on the platform?

Customer's data is totally secure. Arivelm or Decydz does not intercept the data at all.  

What is your pricing plan?

Learn more about our pricing

Can I have my company branding on the tool?

Yes. Clients are allowed to use their company branding on the tool.

Would I have to buy a license again when my business expands?

Decydz license works based on the workload, payload, and concurrent users. 

Will it support big data?

Yes. Decydz supports big data and big data analytics. 

Do I need to install any other software?

No. There is no necessity to install any other software. 

How many users can use Decydz concurrently?

With committed threshold, around 25-30 higher performance users can use concurrently.

Can Decydz platform be integrated with my software?

Yes, Decydz can be integrated with other software through Embedded BI and API.

Can it be accessed from other devices like tablet, mobiles?

Decydz is mobile first. Decydz can be accessed from desktop, laptop, tablets and mobiles from anywhere and anytime. 

Do I need to know coding or have technical skills to work with Decydz?

No. Decydz is driven by a visual workflow and it is not like the process centered workflow experience with other tools. You don’t need to have any technical skills or technical assistance to work with Decydz. Just integrate, import, build the relationship, visualize, analyze and share.