Decydz helps banking industry to manage their financial resources and to forecast possible future financial scenarios and reduce losses by improving credit scoring, credit limit management, and fraud management.

Enhance Cash flow with Decydz

The Banking sector is in constant turmoil with more data nowadays due to regular changes in laws and new amendments. It is mandatory for banking industries to establish business intelligence analysis for the betterment of their organization and customer satisfaction. Banking industries face major challenges in Risk Management Customer based segmentation, Employee segmentation, Transaction maintenance and financial improvements.

Reduce your risk quotient with Decydz

Due to nature of high-profile transactions that occur at banks on daily basis; it is important that to manage the risk that comes with it.Decydz with its powerful analytical engine makes this a very easy job to do by plotting trends and patterns from the data it receives. This thwarts any attempt to lower risk inside your enterprise.

Decydz helps you create more satisfied customers!

The only way to gauge any customer today is from the invisible pattern of touch points he leaves across transactions. Analytics holds the key to unlock customer potential. Using Decydz, run your customer data through our filters and widgets to create customized reports. Mix and match fields, tables and achieve unique insights instantly. Share them across your organization. The world of analytics just got better!

Decydz provides:

  • Effective customer profiling
  • Customer metadata management
  • Proper understanding of customer needs
  • Track customer transaction history
  • Detect the customer changing trends
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Plan the expenses and budgets

Decydz turns your data to decisions

Many times, enterprises are stuck because though they have the data; they don’t have the proper tools to run their data through. Fret not; Decydz helps you with just that. You can run your data (any data) through our platform and get a customized and unique report in a matter of seconds. What if your data set is HUGE? No problem, Decydz is powerful enough to handle all your big data needs. Customization is history. Collaboration and integration are today’s cornerstones and Decydz powers your enterprise for that.

Get new insights through the Decydz dashboard

Banking transactions have quadrupled with the explosion of digital devices. There’s also another electronic transaction like bank transfers, ATM etc. Get instant results, plot trends and patterns effortlessly from a single tool by just clicks. Apart from banking transactions, the platform can also generate customer trends and profiles from the data received. This helps you to further customize your offerings.