Our big data platform enables you to explore your data around our visually rich tool sets providing you a rich set of insights and intelligence all within the easy access of a few clicks. Decydz brings you powerful analytics to accelerate your business growth. 


Our vision is to make ‘Arivelm’ a common name for Big data Analytics, across the globe with our excellent quality, out of the box solution and a great service at a reasonable cost.


Arivelm strives consistently in delivering a platform to simplify big data analytics down to a few clicks and enabling business users to drill down their business data without IT assistance.


Arivelm believes in creating something people really need. It was during the winter of 2015 when Arivelm started. We believe in smart work than hard work. Working with energized teams and embracing new technologies draw us towards success. We are a family of self-motivated individuals; coming together to build a great data platform that addresses the shortcomings of current data standards and builds a smarter, efficient way for an enterprise to manage their data.

Commitment is our forte and passion is our heartbeat. Arivelm supports a culture where there’s full freedom to develop products without resistance. Arivelm doesn’t believe in time structured working. We love to walk towards challenges with responsibility. 


December 2015

Started working towards self-service analytics platform.

February 2016

Reviewed by customers which led us to construct the tool.

March 2016

Began architecting the minimum viable product with core features.

May 2016

Product updates and efficiency upgrades

June 2016

Began working with SAP as a member of startup focus program.

August 2016

Successful validation and first version build.

November 2016

Released version 1 for customers and collecting feedback.


We help business users unlock the power of their data. By empowering every user to explore, filter and take a control of their own insights, Decydz transforms everyone into data experts without the need for IT services or additional support. We apply our core values to everything that we do. We believe these core values are the basic factor for our success.

  • Excellence

    • We will work hard to prove our excellence in the competitive market.
  • Empowering

    • We will empower the organizations in business analytics and decision-making.
  • Self-driven

    • Being self-driven and adventurous leads us to achieve success.
  • Innovative

    • We are innovative, smart working and fun-loved.
  • Transparent

    • Our organization is transparent and optimistic to associates and clients.